Front Fork Servicing

Fork servicing/seal replacements start at $295 (details below)

We recommend forks to be serviced at 20-25hrs for racers and 35-45hrs for trail riders.

We can service all offroad motorcycle forks from Japanese and European manufacturers. Showa, KYB, WP Suspension, Ohlins, Sachs etc.

Parts are kept in stock for fast turnaround so you dont miss out on riding.

Give your forks extra performance and a longer seal life with our professional fork seal and bush replacement service replacing your old seals, bushes and fluid. By using NOK or SKF brand seals we ensure maximum performance, and we use only the highest quality fluid to ensure superior performance and service life.

All forks are fully taken apart, cleaned and inspected to make sure everything is in order.  We then prep the lower fork legs for the new seals and reassemble with correct fluid heights and spring preload.  (we can also advise of any upgrades to increase performance if desired)

If any part of the fork is not upto standard we will notify you with options before proceeding.

We also recommend to replace your inner and outer fork guide bushes as part of the service for superior performance(starting at an added $60).  Guide bush condition plays a major role in how good/smooth a fork will feel on small bump compliance.  Worn bushes will make the fork feel harsh.  It's possible to do a cheaper service job by not replacing the bushes, but the end result is compromised and thats not how we like to do things.

We also offer a fork remove and refit service if you need us to remove and refit the forks for you

We only use quality SKF or OEM seals to ensure the best performance and longest life. Cheaper aftermarket seals will often have more stiction(drag) which is the number 1 enemy of suspension performance.  We will guarantee fork seals not to leak for 90 days

Seal guarantee exemptions: 

-Damage to chrome work on fork legs(if the legs have roost or impact damage then it will cause the seal to leak)

-Dirt/mud/grit ingestion to seals. If you ride in muddy conditions regularly it’s important to clean the dust seals and the cavity between the outer dust seal and the inner fork seal regularly as no seal is immune to grit.  We have options for extra sealing for extreme conditions and can offer advice on the best way to extend seal life (please see tech tip section)

We generally dont recommend to "clean out" fork seals on assembled forks with a feeler gauge or advertised cleaning tools.  The reason for this is that if your seals are leaking, then they're already compromised and will have grit inside them.  Any method of cleaning out seals on assembled forks will push some of this grit past the seals and into the internals of the forks.  This will guarantee extra wear on the bushes and possibly the sliding surfaces (inside the fork uppers or on the chrome legs) resulting in a drop in performance and permanent damage.

Please call us with any questions or if you're unsure of exactly what you need on 0407 511 832  or you can also click the following link to fill out a contact form online "get in touch" and we'll get you sorted out ASAP