Personalised Setups

Every rider can benefit from a personalised suspension setup.  Motorcycle manufacturers design and build bikes to try and work for a variety of riders and applications within budget and marketing limitations.

This often means that specific performance compromises are made during the manufacturing process.  As a result, the suspension setup that you get on your bike is usually just OK at best with a lot of room for improvement if its customised to suit the individual rider.

Our setups unlock the potential of your bike and remove those manufacturing compromises to give you the perfect setup for your specific needs.  We use the highest quality components to meet the needs of any level of rider, from beginner to pro. 

When talking to customers we often hear phrases like "I dont race so I dont need good suspension" or "im just an entry level racer so I dont need good suspension"

This couldn't be further from the truth because these riders are the ones that can  benefit from a personalised setup just as much as the top level racers purely based on safety and the ability to progress their skills.  Beginner or Recreational riders need just as much confidence in their bike that it's not going to do anything that might contribute to a crash or dangerous situation where the riders skills and experience might be limited.

Remember that pro riders need a personalised suspension setup to allow for their speed but they also have the skillset that will allow them to ride a bike without a personalised setup more safely than a lesser skilled rider.. 

Setups start at $800 per bike, depending on what needs to be achieved for your end goal and what parts are needed.  

Component needs/upgrades vary between bike models and type of riding so we need to quote each personalised setup individually. Please give us a call on 0407 511 832 or click the following link to "get in touch" and we'll ask you a series of questions to work out exactly what will work best for your application and get you quoted ASAP.  

Setups can range from being as simple matching correct springs rates to the rider weight and matching the internal valving to suit all the way to custom race builds with High Performance coatings, cartridge inserts or complete suspension units (fork and shock assemblies)

 Our settings are based on years of experience collecting data from track and dyno testing.

Give us a call today on 0407 511 832 to starting improving your riding experience